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I perform in a number of chamber ensembles including the following:

ensemble cross.art

„ensemble cross.art“ is an ensemble for contemporary music and has been founded by a couple of lecturers of Musikhochschule Stuttgart. One of the ensemble’s central concepts is to combine contemporary instrumental music with other media and art forms.


Cosmusica was formed in 2006 by Teddy Ezra and James Turnbull after both players met during their studies at the Trossingen Musikhochschule in south west Germany. Since then Cosmusica have appeared in concert in Trossingen, Tüttlingen, Freudenstadt and Rottweil.

Due to the unusual combination of instruments, Cosmusica specialises in contemporary repertoire and are currently working on several new commissions such as Bicinienenbuch by Norbert Fröhlich.


Teddy Ezra

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