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Since 2007 I have been playing with Tutz clarinets and would highly recommend them. Rudolf Tutz makes a great range of period instruments and I have always been very happy to play on the instruments he has built for me. I am also very grateful for all the personal help and support he and his wife Linde Brunmayr Tutz have given me.

One of the most in demand specialists, in particular for the reproduction of historical instruments, is Rudolf Tutz, who produces wind instruments in Innsbruck. A strong tradition has the bell pouring in Tirol also, but the name of the family Grassmayr e.g. stands.

Tutz has made replicas of all kinds of period clarinets as well as chalumeaux for the greatest of players. With his pleasant personality and his big heart he supplies clarinets that answer the player's every desire. Not only do his instruments look good, but they also play so beautifully and with excellent intonation.

Rudolf Tutz
Schullernstr. 11
6020 Innsbruck

Tel.: +43-512-391391
FAX: +43-512-391390


For more information about Tutz Clarinets please visit www.tutz.at


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